MFA- Hopper Exhibit

Yesterday I went to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Hopper Exhibit. I have been wanting to see the exhibit since it started a few months ago, but I have not had the chance. The exhibit ends in a couple weeks so I took the chance yesterday to go and I loved every minute of it. I am not an art specialist and I am not sure of the terms that people use to describe art, but I do know what I like. I have always found architecture beautiful, and even the simplest buildings are impressive in some way.

I like Hopper because his focus was always the geometric buildings and the simplest scenes, his most well known painting "Nighthawks" is iconic and yet it depicts a very simple scene.

There is a lot written about this painting, about the loneliness of big city living, about freedom and being trapped, about existentialism, and the overall human condition. Is this cafe welcoming, (note there is no entrance) what is the relationship between these people. You get to explore all of this at the exhibit as you examine this iconic painting hanging two feet in front of you on a gallery wall in Boston. This is what really amazes me about exhibits at the MFA, the paintings are actually there.

There was a wide collection of amazingly realistic paintings of all different landscapes, from the lighthouses in Maine, to a street in Truro and Provincetown two beautiful towns on the cape in Massachusetts. As well as many scenes from his native New York City. My favorite painting was "Early Sunday Morning."

This is a painting that depicts something that is rarely seen in a big city. It is calm but it also continues on forever. There is no sign of the chaos of the city, yet somehow you expect people to start streaming into the painting and the day to begin.

I was glad I got to enjoy my day yesterday at the museum, it was definitely one of the highlights of my vacation so far, and if you are in Boston between now and August 19, I highly recommend going to see this exhibition.

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