This summer I have been having some work done on my mouth, I have bad teeth, and i hate the dentist and this combination has lead to some cavities and other things that need to be done, so since July i think I have had 8 dental appointments, and i still have, let me see-

1) Deep cleaning, scaling
2) Stitches removed from my gums following the scaling
3) One more cavity to be filled
4) Mold to be made for a whitening tray
5) Post whitening getting a chipped tooth filled

I am sure that after all of this I will have to go in for followups and eventually another basic cleaning in January, and once every three months after that. Now that i found a great dentist, who understands that i am horribly afraid of the dentist, and is very kind to me I really need to go because i never want to have to go through all of this again.

While the dentists have been great, i still have pain and soreness from all the procedures and I have been able to eat properly for weeks, plus talking at work following all of the procedures has been rough. it will be great to not have bleeding gums and sensitivity in my wisdom teeth, and a brighter, whiter smile will also be very nice. Ah yes, and probably starting in January i am going to try Invisaligns so that I can have straight teeth, my teeth all moved when my wisdom teeth came in, and if i spent 3 years in braces in high school i really think I should have straight white perfect teeth. I am so jealous of my sister who has and always has had perfect teeth with very little work ever needed, not even braces.

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