No Seriously, That Is Just Stupid

I have been really good lately (since the outburst in NYC) at controlling my anger. So much so that both S and C are really proud of me. But today on my way home from work I slipped back a little bit, I was sorry for doing it but it needed to be done.

I left work today and went downstairs to the train, i put my pass in the machine and went in, I reached into my bag to grab my book and immediately realized that I had left my book on my desk at work, so I leave the station, and go back up to my office and grab my book, in about five minutes I am back down at the station and put my pass in the machine again. I walk forward but the gate doesn't open... WTF... I try again and look at the screen, which says "Pass Already Used" well yeah it has been but it is an unlimited weekly pass. I go to the attendant, the same attendant I see every day leaving work. I explain the situation and he tell me I have to wait 20 minutes, like seriously WHY? He told me there is no way for me to prove that it is my pass and it could have been passed to me.

No ass, I told you what happened and I see you every day. I am not lying please just let me in because I just want to go home. He tell me there is nothing he can do and that I have to wait at least 20 minutes. Well why does my unlimited weekly pass now suddenly have limits? He then recommends that I go purchase another weekly pass if I don't want to wait, UMMMM NO! I am not going to spend another $15 on a weekly pass, and I make him and half of the station aware of this. He then moves on to pretty much calling a poor tourist stupid because she can't figure out how to buy a pass on the new asinine machines, so much so that she looks at him and says, "Hey asshole, you know I can read right." At least I wasn't the only guy pissed off with this guy.

As he is distracted with this woman, a train approaches and I take my chance to mix into the crowd and jump onto the train behind another pass user. I don't feel guilty... and I hate the T.

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