RIP Sparky

My Aunt's dog Sparky had to be put down today. He was 13. I still remember when they brought the little fur ball home 13 years ago. He was a Shih Tzu and I really thought that they should have named him Shihs-Kabob, cute huh! Instead they named him Sparky and he was the first dog I remember in the extended family, I now have my God-Dog Cody, and my own two cats. But back then it was just Sparky and he quickly became a part of the family.

As the years passed and people moved on and off to college, he really became my grandmother's dog, she was the one person who would stay home all day with him and they kept each other company. Unfortunately, he was having heart problems and the decision was made to put Sparky down today, he was having trouble getting around and presumably in pain.

I know that I was close to tears when Bob was sick, and crying when I had the choice of surgery of putting him down. Animals are part of the family and are in your heart. When they get sick it is like a member of the family is sick. I know that Sparky is in a happy place now in Doggie Heaven and I wish the best to the rest of my family who has to deal with the loss.

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