Pop Goes the Soda

As I have mentioned, Rush has pretty much begun. One of the important things is that we all report to work at 8am every day to get the store ready for business. I am not usually awake and fully functioning by 8am, so I need a little kick in the pants.

I generally can wait until I get to work to drink my one Diet Coke I am allowed to have a day in order to prevent additional kidney problems. I never keep soda in the house because I will be tempted to drink more than my single soda. But because of the crazy schedule I decided to buy a 12 pack so that I can have my soda on the way into work. I had a bunch of things in my hand on the way back from the supermarket today and I was talking on my phone. I got to the top of my three flights of stairs and was searching for my keys when I lost my grip on the fridge pack of soda and I watched as they tumbled down the stairs in slow motion and about halfway down the three flights cans started to burst and spray soda in every direction. Streams of brown carbonated liquid were flying out in every direction coating the walls and floor. This was quite possibly the funniest and messiest scene that has ever occurred in the stairway of our condo.

It was such a huge mess that it took almost an entire roll of Bounty paper towels to clean up! Ah, the joys of RUSH have begun with a bang, or at least a burst.


Anonymous said...

Pop Goes the Izzy as well, so I am at work today pulling all of the soda up to the floor so the MP employee can fill the coolers, and because last nights mess wasn't enough, I picked up a box of Izzy Sparkling Carbonated Juice and the bottom fell out, sending apple flavored carbonation everywhere in the recieving dock. Another bang at the start of RUSH.

Rose said...

Oh no! If that had happened to me after a full day's work I would have either 1.) laughed hysterically 2.) laughed hysterically while crying 3.)cuss and swore and kicked stuff or 4.) all of the above. What a great attitude you had! Oh, and sorry it took me so long to come around but thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I am adding you to mine as well and I'll be reading your archives this week. I look forward to it! Thanks! ~Rose~