Controlled Chaos

Last night I got home fairly early, I made dinner, ironed my clothing, and posted to the blog, then I sat down on the couch and turned on the television. Within a matter of minutes I was laying on the couch, and just a few short moments following I must have been snoring. It was about 8:30 pm when I last looked at the clock. My phone rang several times, but I didn't wake up until close to 1:00am.

I moved to my bed, set my alarm, and went back to sleep. When my alarm rang this morning I felt well rested and ready for a crazy day. I got a good 10 solid hours of mostly uninterrupted sleep, which is very rare for me. I usually get about 3-5 good hours a night. I am very lucky that I got some good sleep last night, because today was definitely controlled chaos.

I love the term controlled chaos because it is the best way to describe a well organized and executed rush (and Holiday season). When you are working with the public there is always the opportunity for chaos, when you pack 1500 students and their parents into a store there will always be chaos, and then only way you can survive is by controlling it. You need to plan and organize and prepare and this is what I call controlled chaos. Today was controlled chaos, there were hundreds of students looking for books, and supplies, we had all of our registers running, and every single employees was working from open to close.

It was busy, it was crazy, but it went smoothly, it was the definition of controlled chaos. And you know what, it was fun. Deep down I do love Rush. When its done right, Rush is a fun time. A little controlled chaos really does get the blood pumpin!

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