Violence is the Answer, Isn't It?

Today was one of those days when I just wanted to kick all of the customers. I was tired and cranky, and we somehow managed to return close to $40,000 in textbooks. That's a lot of books that I shelved, help them find, sold, and now i have to take them back, re-shelve them, and probably return some to the publisher. It doubles the work and that alone makes me angry.

Now, when you are a complete ass about returning books that makes me even angrier. So I have decided that violence is the answer! Next semester I will let you return books if you are pleasant and kind, and made an honest mistake. If you bitch about anything I will kick you! if you complain about prices even as I am giving you money back I will kick you! And keep in mind i have to pay people to do these repetitive tasks so if you didn't return your books i could keep my overhead down and in turn keep book prices down. But you don't understand this so you deserve a swift kick in the shin. Ah yes, and if you don't have a receipt even after I told you three times you need one, I will kick you twice!

I know you are all reading this and going, god you are a cranky little man, and while this is true, I generally go into work in a fairly good mood, at least once I am caffeinated. But after the repetitive stress of... "but why can't I return this book" or "can I buy this today and return it tomorrow when the book I ordered online comes in" you want to scream. you are tired of it and you just want it to end, you want to throttle the customers but you can't. So you go home and blog and vent and you feel a bit better, plus tomorrow the answer is NO!

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kaitable. said...

Only I am allowed to call you a "cranky little man." All others can find their own name for you, pushing the adjectives as far as they choose to go.