No Clothing?

OK, so the weekends at my store have been a little weird, I definitely know that the students are back. If you remember last week I had a customer come in not wearing any shoes. He didn't understand why he needed to wear shoes, and I was confused as to why he would walk across the city without them.

Well, Mr. No Shoes was back today, and not only was he not wearing any shoes, but he was wearing a dress, I kid you not, he was in the store with no shoes on and wearing a dress. I am not going to pretend i understand what is going on here, he may be unstable or he may be a freshman rebelling from the standards of society that he feels are suppressing him, but I had to kick him out of the store again, and tell him that he needed to wear shoes next time he came in.

This wasn't the only crazy sight today, I was standing on the lower level, talking to a few of the employees when a girl comes down just wearing a bathrobe and slippers. Yes, she apparently decided to walk across campus wearing what she got out of the shower with to buy her textbooks. I guess it was laundry day. I just stared as she walked past me, and saw all of my employees do the same. I guess she wasn't really breaking any real rules, other than you seriously don't wear your bathrobe out in public, let alone to you campus bookstore. I let her shop, buy her books and leave the store, but I was still very confused.

I guess these freshman are just finding themselves and expressing their true personalities, as in they are all crazy!

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S. said...

I always thought it was a little low-class when people wore pajamas to class, but a bathrobe is a whole other level!

There are indoor clothes and there there are outdoor clothes...pajamas and slippers do NOT under any circumstances fall under the latter category. Also, it just shows they didn't shower that morning. Ew, ew, ew.