I Thought It Was Over

I thought that my Fall Rush was over, I made it through and we had a fairly successful Rush at my store. Then today my boss got that evil smirk on his face when he called me into his office. I knew this was going to be fun for him and not fun for me. He loves to torture me whenever he can!

When I got to his office, after dealing with a really obnoxious customer who didn't understand the meaning of, "I am sorry, but the last day for returns was Monday," he was smiling from ear to ear. I knew this was going to be good/bad! Oh, and it was, next week I have to go to one of our stores where the students have yet to arrive. In other words I need to put in three more days of RUSH at another store! Three more days of fun with students, three more days of long hours, three more days of RUSH.

Oh man, is he going to owe me for this one!!

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