I Had to Abandon

Last week I started reading an Irving Welsh book entitled If You Like School, You'll Love Work. I figured that it would be a good chance for me to read a new author that many of my customers enjoy. He is a well recognized and respected author in the college community, I love Burroughs and Sedaris and have read and enjoyed Palahnuik so why not some Welsh.

Well, I hated it. I read 150 pages and tried to give it a chance but the stories weren't going anywhere. I felt like the book lacked a plot or a complete idea. The main theme was gross out humor and well it just didn't work for me. Not my type of book (sorry Mr. Welch). So I moved on to another book. It is rare that I completely put a book down but I felt like it had to be done.

Immediately after putting down the book I started Tell Me Where It Hurts, its a book about the Angell Animal Hospital in Boston, its the one with the adorable cover from a few posts ago. So far, so good!

Sometimes a book just doesn't fit your style and you just have to put it down, guess there is nothing you can do about it!

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