I Will Never Understand

The economy sucks, and jobs are hard to come by, so when you get an interview (especially if you have been unemployed) wouldn't you show up. And basic courtesy requires you to call if you re not going to show up. I had seven interviews scheduled for Thursday and six scheduled for today. Yesterday only one didn't show up, today three failed to show up. You damn stupid people you really deserve to be unemployed. One of the no-shows however really surprised me... I received the following cover letter attached to this applicants resume in response to my online posting...

Dear Hiring Administrator,

I am writing in response to an advertisement for positions at the (name deleted). I saw ads on (online job board). I have a B.A in English Literature and I am an avid fan of books and an ardent interlocutor with people. I have tremendous energy and I feel that I would perform (name of position deleted) with admirable efficiency and assiduity. I would prefer a full time position if I had my druthers. I am available immediately to work and I have no constraints on my schedule at this juncture. Please review my credentials and contact me as I feel I would be a valuable asset to (company name deleted). Thank you in advance.

(name deleted)

Now first some definitions:

in·ter·loc·u·tor: 1 : one who takes part in dialogue or conversation 2 : a man in the middle of the line in a minstrel show who questions the end men and acts as leader

as·si·du·ity: 1 : the quality or state of being assiduous : diligence 2 : persistent personal attention —usually used in plural

druth·ers: dialect : free choice : preference —used especially in the phrase if one had one's druthers

OK, not that these words are that hard, but a candidate who takes his time to craft a cover letter such as the one above for an online job posting, and then this person doesn't show up for an interview. Am I missing something here? Or are even the smart people becoming stupid?

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