I Love Angell

Bob ran away a couple months ago while the contractor was doing work on the house. I called around to animal control and Angell Animal Hospital while I was looking because Angell is right around the corner from me. It was late on a Saturday evening and animal control never called me back but Angell called me back within an hour and told me that unfortunately they didn't have Bob but they would call me if he turned up. He never did turn up at Angell but I fould him much later that night eating some of the food I put out for him on the back deck. I was so relieved that I called my parents etc but I forgot to call the lovely lady at Angell back and tell her that I had found Bob.

Yesterday, she called me to make sure that I had found him because it had been a couple of months and she had not heard from me. Now that is some great followup and service I appreciate. Thank you Angell for caring. Both Bob and I appreciate it (I am sure Tipsy does too although she prefers having the house to herself).

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