Maybe Another Line of Work Would Suit You Better

This past weekend, the Doctor and I escaped from the city and went up to Ogunquit, Maine for a nice couple days on the beach. It was exactly what we needed, time in the sun, a nice early morning walk on the cliffs, and time away from Boston. All this and although it is three states away, it is only 67 miles. It makes for the perfect weekend getaway. We met some great people, and some interesting people (including a lesbian who grabbed both of our asses). But our favorite run in was at the state liquor store in New Hampshire.

On our way up to Maine we decided to stop for some drinks for the beach and some wine for the room, it is always cheaper to bring drinks then go out in a tourist town and drink. And what better place to stop then the New Hampshire liquor store, because it is a liquor superstore and cheaper then Boston (although we learned they don't carry beer or ice). We park the car walk in and pick up our selections and then walk to the register with no line. I always have a knack for picking the worst cashier but at least our interaction with this one was quite entertaining. Here is the gist of the conversation...

The doctor approaches the register first...

Cashier: Can I see your ID?

Doctor: Sure (pulling out his Illinois Drivers License)

Cashier: Oh, what brings you to the area? Are you a student?

Doctor: I am doing my fellowship at (name of school deleted)

Cashier: What's a fellowship, I have never heard that term before

Cashier from Behind: Oh, your a Doctor, wow you are awfully young to be a Doctor, what do you do?

Doctor: I am a psychologist

Cashier: Oh, my shrink says it takes a crazy person to know a crazy person. I'm just kidding!

Me: No its OK, he is crazy!

Cashier: I had the best doctors when I was down in Florida for rehab they really helped me.

Doctor: (looking at me for a reaction/ me trying to contain laughter) Well that's good... I'm glad they helped and that your better

Cashier: Yeah, but I still like to be around the alcohol and see drunks so I got the job here, at least its not totally out of my life.

Doctor: (not knowing how to respond and looking quite confused)

Me: As long as your happy! (What I was on the spot I had no idea what to say!)

This conversation continued for a few more minutes until we finally both paid and walked out of the store without making eye contact. We made it about three steps outside the door, looked at each other and started cracking up, this is so not the right place for a recovering alcoholic. I mean I am sure that her "shrink" would agree with us there. Seriously? She couldn't find another place to work? At least she provided us with some entertainment. And the Doctor even knew what I would be blogging about when we got home!

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