Off to a Vineyard

I have been working so much lately, and I wanted to make this post right after it happened but I just didn't have the time, and now I am not even sure of what day it happened but one of the days that both myself and the doctor had off recently we decided to go to a vineyard outside of Boston for a wine tasting, tour, and picnic (as well as purchasing some wine).

Whatever day it was I was awakened by the completely random idea from the doctor of "Hey, lets find a vineyard and go today, that would be fun and different." I agreed that it would be fun and different and something to do and then i proceeded to roll over and go back to sleep until 1:00pm. When I awoke, friends had been contacted, plans were made, a picnic basket was packed and I had to get in the shower because we were already late. I have to admit I was pretty impressed with the spontaneaity of the decision and the planning and preparation that occurred after the decision was made.

By 1:30 we were out the door and on the way to Nashoba Valley Winery somewhere in the middle of Massachusetts. (We never leave the city so this really was quite the adventure). About 45 minutes after we left we pull up a hill that reveals a cute little vineyard with all the charm you would expect. You can tour the vineyard for four dollars and you can do a wine tasting for six dollars (this includes tasting five wines as well as all of the beers). Thank goodness I wasn't driving!

The wine tasting was slightly overwhelming for me because I had never done one and there were over 30 different wines on the list we could try, whites and reds, and fruits and dessert wines. So many options and only five tickets. We all tried some different wines and many of them were spectacular (actually most of them were). The problem with the tasting was it lead myself and the doctor to splitting the cost of a case of wine. Hey, what can we say, we liked what we tasted and we wanted to taste it again. My two favorites were the Blueberry Merlot (so yummy) and the Raspberry Dessert Wine (omg soooooo good with chocolate cake). We bought two of each of those and we have already consumed some.

After our tasting we went outside and enjoyed our cute little picnic of cheese and crackers and of course a bottle of wine was shared between friends (I think we had a bottle of the Blueberry Merlot). All in all it was a great day and I am glad that the good doctor decided to do something different. I guess you never know what cool things you can find when you venture out of your usual comfort zone.

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