Back to Work After Fabio Brandao Trial

Today is my first day back to work after the trial, and I am looking forward to the return to a little bit of normalcy. That does not mean, however, that I am forgetting about Fabio Brandao. Many of my employees knew that I was returning to Boston last week for the trial. Most of them did not know all of the details of the trial but they asked me how it went when they saw me walk in today.

When they asked I honestly explained that Fabio Brandao was found guilty on all nine charges. They seem happy with that and then asked how long he would be going to jail for!

Once again I answered honestly, and since its my place of employment I made sure that I was level headed in my response. Then these young college kids who are my employees expressed a great deal of outrage. I was happy to see this outrage from these students, not for my sake but because I hope it means that they will support a call for change in the sentencing rules.

For those of you that are in Boston still, a protest is being planned by the Anti Violence Project and This protest will take place on Thursday June 18, 2009 outside of the Boston Municipal Court. I hope that as many of you as possible attend this protest and show that we can make a difference. Please get out and support the change that is necessary.

Today I will also continue answering questions about the attack and my response to the sentence as the Washington Blade has asked me to answer some questions for them. I hope that this is just a continuation of the outcry for change.

Please remember that we can all make a difference!

(For those of you wondering, yes I will continue to post some fun bookstore stories or other things in my life in the near future. This is just my top priority at this point.)

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