Wait? How Did we Get Here

Yesterday was an interesting day at work to top off a crazy week. Myself and my boss whom I have known for about 8 years had to go out to one of our offsite stores for a meeting with the coordinators. I swear the store is so far out in Virgina it feels like the middle of nowhere. The meeting went fine and we introduced our new manager. We walked the store and gave them a few tips and then moved some stuff into the car to bring back to the main store.

On the last trip I was wheeling a large chair out of the store and getting it into the car when I had the weard feeling of how did we get here? Not like man I was so out of it and how did I get to this place, but how do I end up working with my friend when 8 years we went out seperate ways in Boston and while we kept in touch how am I working for her now in Virginia.

I load the chair into the back of the car and sit down in the front seat. My Boss looks at me and says... " I just had that moment watching you bring the chair out, how weird is it that we are both working together again?"

After everything the world works in mysterious ways!

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