Post 300- And Its Time for A Funny Story

After several posts in a row regarding my role in the Fabio Brandao case I think it is time for a good ole fashion bookstore story!

A couple of weeks ago I was resetting one side of my sales floor, and the Bookstore Gods were very mad at me. It happens sometimes when nothing is really going your way, you drop things, the angry customers all come to you... in retail its normal! I guess in every profession there is a little bit of this... the Doctor always says the therapy gods are either with him or against him.

That day I had the angry customer, a ladder fall on my head and while I was moving the shelves I ripped the back of my pants opened. Of course it was the day the regional manager was coming so I couldn't run home and change, so I had to untuck my shirt and look like a slob. And then of course so I didn't look like a total mess I had to explain to my regional manager what happened. Gotta love when the gods are against you.

Well since then there have been 5 other wardrobe malfunctions. These malfunctions include but are not limited to busted bras, broken heels, split shirts, flying sandals, and today another pair of ripped pants caused by the same shelving units that attacked me.

At least the bookstore gods aren't only against me!

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Move the shelves.