My Life on The D-List

I rarely watch Kathy Griffin on Bravo, however last night we just happened to stop on the show while we were waiting to watch Weeds, and I am so glad we did...

Last night Kathy and her clan were visiting Paula Deen at her house in Tenessee. Besides Kathy hitting Paula in the face with a switch, and Paula calling Kathy and her assistants serving at her sons restaurant a circle j#rk, there was Paula's assistant who was gay and drunk.

The whole experience was priceless, Paula Deen is a hilarious older woman, drunk assistant was hysterical, and of course Kathy Griffin who I don't always appreciate was soooooo funny.

This was definately an escape, and an accident that was well worth it. If you haven't seen the show, find it online and laugh your butt off!

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