Pride in Baltimore

Saturday after work was my day to decompress, obviously last week was a very stressful week while I prepared my statement for the protest, the Blade article came out and I gave about three interviews regarding the attack, and the Fabio Brandao case. The case was all consuming last week, and I had to work at the store all week and Saturday.

So when I got home from work on Saturday, the Doctor was already in Baltimore with a few of his friends. I hopped in bed took an hour nap, woke up got dressed and was off to Baltimore. I was looking forward to Baltimore pride as a way to decompress from the week. Tracy Young was going to be playing at the Hippo and it was a good chance to go out and dance. Tracy Young is the Doctor's favorite DJ and I enjoy her because she plays a lot of the old classic dance songs which are fun to dance too and have a good time.

True to form Tracy played lots of Deborah Cox, Madonna, and all sorts of great old dance songs (including Vogue). She threw in some new songs including Lady Gaga! It was exactly what I needed. I felt revived and ready to face another crazy week. I was so glad I went all the way to Baltimore for a night out.

Oh yeah and on the way back we found our way to Wendy's... I do love my spicy chicken sandwich at 4am.

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