A Day In Bed

Yesterday was my day in bed, it wasn't exactly the enjoyable kind of day in bed as I have the flu, but I think it is what was necessary. After everything that has been going on involving the Fabio Brandao case, and trial, and sentence, and press, and protest! Then you add on work and traveling and I was exhausted. No wonder I got the flu.

When I woke up I felt like hell, I reached over, turned off the blaring alarm that was sending shock waves through my skull, texted my boss, and curled back up wrapping the blankets around me twice to try to fight the chills. Granted this left the poor Doctor without any blankets but he had to get up for work in an hour anyway so he would survive. His alarm started blaring... once again shock waves... and I pushed him out of bed so that I could snag his pillows and place them over my head.

I had told my boss that I would take some medicine and I should be in later that afternoon, as the morning marched on however, I kept feeling worse so I knew there would be no way I was going to make it in. I set the alarm for noon so that I could call my boss and let her know the situation. Before the alarm had a chance to ring Annie (our dog) had jumped on top of me and was doing her I really need to pee dance and whine.

I got up out of bed, threw on sweatpants and a sweatshirt (even though it was 75 degrees out) and grabbed her leash. I almost forgot to attach her lease to her collar but quickly recovered and then walked her. I returned to the house gave her a treat, and then called my boss. After sounding like hell and freezing my ass off because I was out from under the covers I returned to bed with some rations, my laptop, and my cell phone. I was set for the rest of the day if I could only find my remote.

Once the remote was discovered underneath my pile of pillows I was set for the day. I turned on the TV and proceeded to watch about 7 episodes of the West Wing that I had DVR'd (I do love Allison Janney err CJ). During my marathon of West Wing between naps I also went online and discovered that Bay Windows had actually published my letter to the editor under the headline "South End gay bashing victim responds to attacker's light sentence." I was shocked but pleased and made sure I posted it to facebook to continue getting the word out. The task of reading exhausted me and I put my head down on the pillow and was asleep for another hour.

When I woke I was starving, and I couldn't remember the old adage... feed a cold stare a fever? Feed a fever? Starve a cold? What about the flu? Since I was craving pizza I decided to pop a frozen pizza in the oven and have some. Once the pizza was done I wasn't sure if I was still hungry but I put a slice on my plate and returned to my cocoon on the bed. I took a bite and realized I needed some fluids, I put the plate down on the bed, where Annie promptly licked my pizza and devoured, and then got a glass of water (and obviously another slice).

After eating I was tired once again, I put on an old episode of Will and Grace and was once again sleeping in minutes. When I awoke the Doctor was home and eating my remaining pizza. I had apparently slept the entire day away, but I guess it is what my body needed.

Back at work today, although my body is not happy about it.

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