Day 6- I Started to Whistle Christmas Carols

Over the last couple of days level one of Christmas anxiety has set in and one of the important signs of Level 1 Christmas Anxiety is whistling Christmas Carols while running up and down the escalator and offering assistance and recommendations to every customer in the first floor drive aisle. Another sign is asking my employees if they see any books "popping" yet. I miss spending full days on the floor and helping customers this is not something I can do every day of the year. However, during Christmas season, especially when things are not as busy as I would like, I start to get stressed. It's almost a panic and I need to step back and say that there are still 25 more working days in the season and a lot can happen during this time.

So much can even happen in just two days, here are some funny and not so funny things that have happened since my last post:

- I got awesome news about work!

- I dropped my cell phone in the toilet, I think it was trying to get back at me for badmouthing its counterparts in Day 4 post.

- The Bible Lady was dancing and singing songs on the first floor today, while holding a cup of soda (I think) with a piece of the bible floating in it. She eats the bible (usually at least one a day) for those of you who didn't know.

- I almost fell down the escalator from 5 to 4 but caught myself before a painful injury could occur.

- While at lunch today L interviewed and offered a position to a great person to fill our Holiday temp hours (all I needed to do this past two weeks was leave for lunch)

- The hedgehog got angry

- I discovered that keeping secrets is really hard and gives me a bit of a headache.

- My boss actually said good job to me and didn't follow it up by "... But I think you should also..."

- My desk now has so few papers on it that I can actually see the wood top.

- My condo had a complete meltdown this morning- the cable went out I didn't have hot water and the electric was on the fritz- apparently new construction up the road hit another line or two.

- We discussed how it was against store policy to eat six foot grinders in the elevator lobby of the store.

- Multiple employees are now wearing these hideous rubber boats called Crocs on their feet, H's pair is actually bright yellow. They say they keep your feet from hurting when you stand up for long periods of time, however, the increased effort I need to exert to keep my lunch down when I see them is amazing.

- A customer actually commented on the body color and flocking process on a sweatshirt in the GM department today, something a non-industry person rarely knows anything about.

- I talked to my sister about Christmas presents and discovered she had already purchased mine before Thanksgiving, I still haven't bought a single one.

- One of my employees actually threatened to not talk to another employee if she found out who stole her cookbook pick in the Holiday Handselling Contest. More to follow this contest gets ugly with 100 bucks at stake.

Ok, I need to go the hedgehog is holding up a post-it note telling me to go home because he can cover me for the rest of the day.

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