Fast Reader

I have never been accused of being a fast reader, actually at my old store they used to make fun of me because it would take me a month to finish a book. I called L to tell her of this accusation today and she laughed out loud.

I am a notoriously slow reader, but since I have been on jury duty I have read 3 and a half books. One fellow juror has only read 100 pages of My Life So Far (Jane Fonda's memoir) and another juror just finished My Sister's Keeper. I guess compared to the snail like pace in which these people are reading I am a fast reader. The thing is we have have tons of extra time (wasted time) and when I am sitting in the jury room I read my book. Also, I have read two fast paced books (A Walk in the Woods and Me Talk Pretty One Day). I am just confused as to what people are doing during these hours of down time that we have, I guess they are sitting in silence but I am not paying attention because I am tearing through my books.

I am now officially the fastest reader in the world according to my fellow jurors.

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