A Catch Up Post

So, after my fit of OCD I had a very busy 8ish days. Work was crazy and Bob needed to go back to the doctor to have his sutures taken out (no more cone). My parents were up last weekend and we had a busy weekend that even included more cleaning and some shopping. I had a funeral service to go to and a doctor's appointment for myself (kidney stone go figure).

So starting around Tuesday night I was in excruciating pain and unfortunately I had to wait until Friday for the doctor to have an open appointment, meanwhile at work I had to conduct 12 (yes 12) interviews for four open positions at the store, all the while squirming around to try to find a comfortable position to sit while listening to their answers.

Mom was up again on Thursday, so my sister picked me up at work and we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I love Cheesecake, but I scared my mom because I really wasn't feeling good so I didn't eat any of my FAVORITE White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake.

Then there was Idol, oh man what is wrong with you America! Overall, the girls kicked butt again and I really like Melinda Doolittle, even though she kinda looks like Shrek! No really she does! The boys were much better this week. Results however pissed me off once again. How is it possible that Sanjaya (who barely even sang his song) and freaking Antonella Barba who has no redeeming characteristics, she is bitchy, thinks she is hot shit and she can't sing are still on this show. Come to your senses America and vote these guys off (not that I vote).

I started reading Salt by Mark Kurlansky last week (and continued this week) and I am enjoying it even though there are times when I wish he would stop describing exactly how salt was made in the good ole days (solar evaporation of sea water) and how salt was used to preserve fish (layer salt and fish in a big wooden barrel and seal). Overall, it is a very interesting look at world history and how salt was a part of major occurrences. When I am finished I will give you a full recap.

I am sure that plenty of other things occured this week but I am writing this on a tremendous amount of pain killers. The funniest thing I remember from this week is when a customer stole the pen from the customer service desk. Now if they had stolen a plain old Bic pen I wouldn't have thought anything of it. The funny part is we have "bank" pens at the front counters, the ones that are stuck to the counter. So, the customer pulled the pen off of the counter, chain and anchor and all and walked out the door. So seriously if you are around Boston and see a person walking around with a four foot chain hanging out of their purse, or if you are in Cambridge and see somebody signing their credit card slip with a pen attached to a chain and anchor tell them to return my pen.

I mean really who rips a pen off of a counter when all they needed to do was ask to borrow a pen and then not return it. OK, I am going to go lay down and moan in pain, damn Diet Soda I need to stop drinking you.

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