Me Talk Angry Today

Jury Duty is driving me nuts. I hate it. I just don't understand what is taking so long and why we are constantly on break. Why does a one hour lunch turns into a two hour break from court and why does a fifteen minute break turns into 45 minutes? I am so insanely frustrated because we only end up hearing about 2 hours of testimony a day and the prosecution has yet to rest.

What is making me crazy right now is that the state only requires companies to pay for the first three days and then the state will compensate you with I believe $35.00 a day. Now keep in mind this barely covers lunch in Government Center! So, it looks like I am going to need to take vacation time to do my freaking "duty" in order for me to be able to pay for the house I live in. I am so pissed!

Now, onto the up side of jury duty and all of the free time we have, I have now completed three books since i started Jury Duty. Yesterday I finished re-reading Me Talk Pretty One Day, I read this originally when it came out but the stories are so light and funny that I thought it would make great jury duty reading and it did. Again, I was laughing which might not be the best thing to do in court but I don't really care, it was funny. I love his writing and I am thinking about re-reading Naked very soon as well.

Today I picked up The Crying of Lot 49. I started reading this in the fall and managed to make it through about 10 pages before I practically threw it across the room in frustration. I was not in the mood for it and it was making me crazy. When I picked it back up today I wasn't sure about how I would feel and I have to say it is definitely not one one of my favorite books. The books is so confusing and so convoluted sometimes that you aren't really sure what you are reading about, but in the end it does come together and it has some enjoyable moments when you aren't so confused you want to cry.

I am going to go for something a bit lighter tomorrow. I think I am actually going to start reading Tender Bar tomorrow. It has been sitting on my bookshelf for quite some time and I think it is a great time to start reading it.

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sarah deveaux said...

sounds like you're having fun!!!
read " a year in the merde" by stephen clark. he makes fun of the french that's always funny!
hang in there!