First Dates

It has been many months since I broke up with my ex, we talk and get along and things are good with us. It really is time for me to move on. I haven't been on a first date in like close to a year. First dates suck, they always have but we go on them because there is always that little glimmer of hope that we will find the right person for us. That one "soulmate" (god I hate that term), its right along the lines of "everything happens for a reason."

Anyway, on Wednesday night after our good ole Wednesday night tradition (the boys go out every Wednesday for like 3 years now), an acquaintance asked me out on a date and I said yes. We exchanged phone numbers and he said he would call me. He did on Friday just like he said (good first step) and we made plans to meet up on Saturday night and go to Providence to hang out and then meet up with a few of his friends. Not my idea of an ideal first date but that's OK, it sounded like it could be fun. I picked him up on Saturday night and drove to Providence, I figured I would get to know him a bit in the car, but it turns out he doesn't like to talk while others are driving. OK, well I can be quiet I guess that works so we drive in almost silence to Providence until I need him to give me directions to exactly where we are going.

We park and walk to the site of our first date, a run down dirty pool hall with a dance floor in the back. OK, not what I was hoping for but I can be a bit judgemental (shut up S, I know) and I decide that I am going to give this a chance. We hang out a bit and talk and I have my water since I can't drink and I need to give up Diet Coke. About 45 minutes into getting there he puts his name on to play pool, I don't play pool but I encourage him to go play a game. He is really very good I am very impressed and he is clearing the table game after game. All the while I am holding up a pole in the corner watching. He continues to win and drink and get a bit loud. He goes out for a smoke here and there and is gone for like 30 minutes at a time. His friends show up but they don't really talk to me so I am stuck in a pool bar in Providence pretty much all by myself. Let me tell you this is not my idea of a good first date.

Then of course we have a ride all the way back to Boston, we drive the hour almost in complete silence with the exception of him asking me "if I had a good time!"

No, I did not have a good time, a better date would involve dinner, a drink, conversation, not pool with other guys and pretty much ignoring me.

Guess I am going to need to go on another first date one of these days cause this guy was definitely not my "soulmate"

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