I love spring, it is probably my favorite season. A perfect day for me is 70 degrees and sunny. I can't wait to Rollerblade on the Charles again. These things make me happy.

Today is warm, but it is also early March and I know that it is not quite spring. Yet when I got off the train after work I saw numerous people in shorts and flip-flops. People, it is not that warm and this is New England, it is going to snow in 10 minutes (OK maybe ten days). It was also only 5 today, I was comfortable in my jacket and pants. Yes, I left my scarf and gloves in my bag but I did not break out my bathing suit.

Relax, enjoy the somewhat seasonable weather but you are going to get sick if you continue prancing around half naked in March. Then again, maybe it is natural selection and Darwin was right. I must just be more fit then you!

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