Results Night 3

Finally America got it right and voted Antonella Barba off, she was a big ole bitch last night and she deserves to be off of the show. Is it wrong that I laughed when she started crying? Am I mean because I thought it was so fitting that she butchered her going away song? HAHA... bye bye (I Hate You). It's funny because it is very obvious that Simon hates her too.

I feel bad for Sabrina who was not the top singer but she was a very sweet nice girl and she got voted off (I DON'T Hate You) but I do hate Antonella!

Now, I guess America can't get it 100% right because my new least favorite is Sanjaya- I have no idea how he has made it this far, and his flat ironed hair on Tuesday makes me want to smack him. Man people, get rid of him next week PLEASE

Also have I mentioned I hate Antonella!

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