Bob and Tipsy

Three years ago I lived in New Haven and one snowy day in February two little sick kittens found there way to my back door. I am still not sure what happened to there mom but they where cold and sick so i took them in and fed them and tried to warm them up. Because it was snowing heavily I wasn't able to get them to the doctors right away so I did the best I could. I brought them to the shelter the next day with every intention of leaving them to get healthy and be adopted by a loving family who actually liked cats (or at least a crazy cat lady). The problem was the shelter would not take in sick cats, they would just take care of them. I felt really bad and couldn't leave these two sick fur balls at the shelter. So, I took them to the doctor thinking that two cold sick kittens couldn't cost that much money to nurse to health and then I would bring them back to the shelter for adoption. I refused to name them one was boy the other was girl, because I didn't want to get attached!

Three weeks later and about $2,500 poorer I decided that I had two cats. I figured I had put enough money into these two that I should either have had them gold plated or I should keep them around. Now his name was easy, I have a teddy bear named Bob, my first male child will be named Bob, my dog would be named Bob, therefore my cat was named Bob! Now, what to name the female kitten, well she was the one who had the really bad upper respiratory infection so when she was really little she would walk a few steps and fall over, much like she was drunk, so I decided to call her Tipsy (I thought it was better than drunk girl)!

They have developed there own personalities and own different quirks over the past three years, Tipsy uses the toilet to pee, Bob uses his paws to eat. Bob love pizza and broccoli, Tipsy loves the little red beef pieces in egg rolls. Bob is rambunctious and very social and Tipsy is quiet and lazy and shys away from most people except me. Bob also always lays on his back and moans when he is feeling sick.

When I came home on Monday after a long day of work I walked in to Bob laying on his back and screaming bloody murder. It was not a good noise and I immediately knew something was seriously wrong. My paternal instinct immediately kicked in and I wrapped him in a towel ran him downstairs and put him in his carrier, I ran to my car and drove directly to the animal hospital (Angell provides amazing service). They look at him quickly and brought him back to run some tests, they found that he had a blocked urethra and was in a lot of pain and they needed to perform some surgery immediately in order to unblock him. I was a nervous wreck as they took him to the back and began the procedures, and the worst part is he had to remain secluded from the outside environment so I couldn't see him. Tipsy was thrilled that she finally got a good night sleep without her brother bugging her but I was very nervous and didn't sleep well at all.

Bob came home last night and he is doing a bit better, still not 100% and he needs to make medicine twice a day, now that is a nightmare.

Anyway, after this emergency surgery I think that Bob's middle name will be Cash!

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