A Fit of OCD

My office is organized

My files are organized

I expect my employees to be organized

When I see something out of place in my store I immediately walk over and fix it

My condo on the other hand is not that organized and I am always behind on laundry and I have lived here for close to three years and I still have boxes that are not unpacked. These are all things that I should be doing instead of squandering weekends. However, tonight around 10:00pm I turned into a tornado of cleaning as a fit of OCD hit me in full force. Now this fit of OCD was obviously triggered by the fact that my parents are coming over tomorrow, but usually when they are coming i shove things into my three small closets until they are about to overflow, and it is dangerous to open the doors.

Tonight at 10 I ran a load of laundry down to the basement and then proceeded to sort the remaining six loads. I also pulled two more loads that I could do tonight. As I was doing this I also noticed that I had a bunch of clothing from my "fat stage" that I really needed to donate to charity, so I sorted these out into another bin. This lead me to going into my closets and pull out more clothing that I didn't wear and put these into the charity bin. I also sorted through some of the stuff I had set aside in the basement and threw some stuff out in the trash bin tonight.

By this time my first load of laundry was done drying so I folded and put away that first load while the second load of laundry was drying and the third load was in the wash. I also washed all of my dishes and cleaned out the dresser in my guest room. Ah, yes and I also cleaned the litter boxes. I put a collection of luggage up on the top shelf of my pantry and finished sorted the rest of my laundry neatly into my baskets in my pantry.

Now my second load of laundry is dry, so I fold it and put it away, I also go through the chest at the foot of my bed and add some sweaters to my pile of things going to charity. I brought down the garbage and moved some stuff from my closets to the basement. I am now waiting for my third load of laundry to try and I will fold that and put it away.

I made some progress, I now only have one box of stuff that is not unpacked and things are much more organized then they were before. I guess I should have OCD fits more often, I don't see anything wrong with them.

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