Pleasant Surprise

So, I am a little behind on my posts but I have been making notes about things I want to post about, one of the things that I wanted to mention last week is how I think i have found a new author that I really like (and one I would never expect)! Back in November I picked up a copy of The Road by Cormac McCarthy on a recommendation from a fellow manager at another store. I loved it but to a certain extent I thought it was a fluke. However, during my shopping spree back in December I purchased another Cormac McCarthy book called No Country for Old Men.

A few weeks back I decided I would take a chance and read it and I fell in love with his writing. The main character in this book, Llewelyn Moss, started out hunting antelope near the Rio Grande, when he finds men shot dead, with heroin in their truck, and more than $2 million in cash. He makes the decision to take the money. Only after two more men are murdered does a victim's burning car lead the sheriff to the crime scene, and he soon realizes how desperately Moss and his young wife need protection. One side hires an ex-Special Forces officer to defend their interests against a mesmerizing freelancer, while on either side are men accustomed to spectacular violence and mayhem. The pursuit stretches up and down and across the border, each participant seemingly determined to answer what one asks another: how does a man decide in what order to abandon his life?"

This story would have fallen apart if McCarthy wasn't such an amazing writer. He weaves each one of the character's stories together by following them for a few pages. The action and mayhem is no stop and the violence is shocking. You feel as if you have been transported to another world. I think I am going to have to go pick up another book by Cormac McCarthy after I finish the stack on my bookshelf.

I am reading Mountains Beyond Mountains now, and L is batting 1.000 with the picks she made for me in December. It is really good.

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