February 12 is the LAST DAY for Text returns, no really it's the LAST DAY

Today was February 12, and it was the last day for text book returns at my store. Textbooks are a hard business and many people are involved in a single sale, there are also restrictions that are put upon stores from publishers and lots of online and brick and mortar competition. Because of all of this we have a very strict return policy, many students don't think it is fair but we do our best to accommodate people as well as make them aware of the return policies at every point in the sale. We have signs up everywhere in the store, every receipt has the last day of returns posted on it, we attach a big brightly colored piece of paper with the return policy on it to each and every receipt, and we train every single cashier to tell the customer when the last day for returns is.

I think we do an excellent job providing customers with all of the information, yet on the last day for returns so many customers come in and play dumb. What do you mean today is the last day? But I lost my receipt that doesn't matter does it? Yes it is the last day and guess what you need a receipt to make a return, how do I know you bought this book that is available in any hundreds of places at my store without a receipt, and excuse me for being cynical but how do I know you didn't steal it from my shelves.

So today I had the joy of being the one at the top who had to say no to all of the people who had great excuses for not being able to follow the policy, here are some things people said to me,

1) My roommate threw away my reciept
2) Nobody told me that today was the last day can I bring in my books tomorrow
3) My mom died
4) My dad died
5) I threw away my receipt (and my dog ate my homework)
6) I wrote all over this book but now I don't need it
7) My friend gave me her book but I don't need it can I return it for full price
8) Blah, blah, blah

By the end of the day it all sounded the same and hundreds of people were able to follow the policy so I am not sure why you think you are special. I had to say no to everybody that didn't follow the policy, I know it makes me seem like a hard ass but once I make one exception I have to make 100.

Here is a hint, if the last day for returns is February 12 and you need your receipt then the last day for returns is the 12 and you need your receipt.

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