Results Night 1

Ok, so as many of you know I am addicted to American Idol and tonight was the first results show of the season and America never ceases to amaze me. Two of the worst, possibly three, singers survived the first cut.

Antonella Barba is quite possibly one of the worst contestants in six years and she has no redeeming qualities. She can't sing at all, yet somehow she made it to the next round. America, I mean really what are you thinking. I really hope she literally falls flat on her face next week on stage.

Sunjaya Malakar probably has a good voice but he is very awkward and didn't do a great job singing this week. I definitely think that he should have gone home.

Sundance Head sang a song that I hate and he sang it poorly. America should have said goodbye tonight.

Hopefully America picks better next week!

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kaitable. said...

crap, i forgot again! don't yell. Thursdays are VERY busy in tv land.