Guess Who is Blocked Again?

Yes, Bob "Cash" is blocked again and his Dad (and my Dad) are not very happy!

Bob had to go back to the animal hospital tonight, I knew exactly what it was because when I came in the house there was blood on the floor and a screaming kitty, it wasn't quite as bad as last week but it is going to cost more money than last week.

They recommended the surgery and I should have him back by next Monday, which is a really long time and I know his sister is going to be loving the time she has away from him. The surgery is really invasive and involves removing a piece of his anatomy (don't ask). I am going to have to learn to only eat Ramen for the next 8 months because I will barely have enough money to pay my mortgage (and for that matter I don't know if my parents will either). Because I can't afford the surgery fully so my wonderful parents are going to help me out.

Oh poor Bob, I feel bad for you, but you are in good hands and soon you will be back to driving me and your sister crazy.

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