Ojos Asi y Comiendo Mierda

Ok, so last week I was at the gym and I wanted to get in a quick run before I had to go somewhere, I am not sure where I was going but I know I had about 45 minutes to run. I get to the gym and its not too busy so I choose an elliptical that has a couple open on each side. I get through about 25 minutes without anybody even entering my space. But with 15 minutes left to go a man with a folder a pen and a cell phone get on the machine next to mine. SHIT!

I knew this was going to be bad, but I had no idea what would happen five minutes into his workout. I was at 32 minutes and a remix of Shakira's Ojos Asi came on to my I-pod to push me through my last 8 minutes of the workout. His phone rings, he looks up from his folder and decides to answer it, and stops running, OK I think maybe he will get off his machine but no, he starts yelling into his phone, and his screams are drowning out Shakira! I have mentioned it before, I hate when people go to the gym and don't work out, there is no need to bring your cell phone to the floor, especially when you are doing your cardio, if you can talk on your cell then you are not working out hard enough.

I am getting pissed off with his yelling when he begins to flail his arms and hits me in my arm. I stop, get off my machine, and start to yell at this guy but decide to just tell him that he should walk away if he needs to be on the phone. I was pissed, I mean really what is wrong with people. It is one thing to yap on your phone at the gym but to be so annoying is really ridiculous. He apparently sees nothing wrong with his actions and I walk away furious. Ruined my workout i was so pissed.

By the way comiendo mierda= eating shit= talking crap!

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