A Blog Post About Nancy Pelosi

Mr. NG don't get too excited about this post its really not about politics, despite the title. It is however about a politician.

Last night I was very disappointed that I couldn't watch American Idol because of the Presidential Speech, not that I didn't want to watch the speech but because it was Tuesday and I needed my weekly dose of crazy from Paula.

But as a good American who voted for Obama and who believes that this man can make the changes needed to put this country back on the right track I sat and watched the speech and I enjoyed and agreed with most of the points made in the speech. I was amazed at the energy in the room and I was proud to see what was happening.

But I was not nearly as proud, happy, caffeinated, or hyper as a certain speaker of the house! I was watching as Nancy could barely keep her butt in the seat, and she would literally jump up as Obama was making a point she obviously believed in. I know that traditionally you stand and clap for the President when he makes strong points that you believe in, but I don't think Nancy realized that she was on camera and she looked like a bored four year old who couldn't sit down. Right behind the president up and down what felt like 200 times each time more animated then the last.

Now don't get me wrong I like Nancy, I think she is an excellent politician and has done amazing things for her state and the country. But as I watched it I realized, that on this Tuesday night I didn't need my Paula for my weekly dose of crazy... I had Nancy this week instead!

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Anonymous said...

I don't like Nancy. While I respect her far left views, I feel she pushes them way too hard. Even as she said upon accepting her position as Speaker, "I accept this gavel in the spirit of partnership, not partisanship," she appears to offer little but partisanship.

But whatever. She was rightfully excited - she can bounce up and down as much as I do, if she wants.

-Mister NG