Costa Rica Here We Come

So in just a couple weeks myself and the doctor will be heading to Costa Rica. The picture off to the side here is the view from our hotel... OK that's not the best picture but it is the one that I pulled from the hotel website.

The infinity pool looking out to the ocean with an island in view is amazing and I can't wait to go. Now this is kind of a spur of the moment trip. We both have the same spring breaks at the schools we are working at so we decided we should go somewhere. i was thinking Florida, but the Doctor was thinking on a much grander scale. He has always wanted to go to Costa Rica and after seeing pictures and listing of the things you could do there I couldn't really disagree. The only problem of course is we leave in just 2 weeks and I still don't have a passport... but I am working on that!

The plan is to arrive in the capital and then head out to the middle of the rain forest practically to this cute little hotel with the amazing views that is right on the beach. While we are there we are going to do a zip line through the rain forest, go white water rafting and take a tour of the national park. We wanted to go see the volcanoes too, but it appears that they are too far away from our destination and the infrastructure of the country would really prevent us from traveling all the way out there. The Doctor wanted to do a lot of other things but i am trying to limit him to 3 or 4 activities so that I can spend some of my week on the beach reading a book or two.

And the best part is that we have wireless Internet in the room so I will make sure that I am updating the blog while I am there with pictures and stories of the daily occurrences, and knowing my luck it could be some great reading!

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