Watch Out Mr. NG

Yesterday afternoon my facebook post was:

Jonathan updated his blog again and it includes comments on Paula's broken mirror necklace from last nights AI.

Mr NG commented on this facebook status saying:

Those are such valuable, meaningful, thoughtful posts about the most salient "stuff" on your mind. :-)

I immediately ran to my computer and look up salient in the online dictionary (ok not really) and then I realize that he is making fun of my very thoughtful and salient posts about American Idol and cute animals. I then respond to Mr. NG via blackberry messenger telling him that he is going to need to pipe down. I then say that I can't always be commenting on world events, political issues and books I have read.

His response was "You could comment on little philosophies of life"

And my response to that was, "But my philosophy is "be a bitch... Always"

Now, I am not sure if this is what he was looking for, I think he was hoping I would have some deep insights on the way a person should live life, maybe some overarching ideas on world affairs. Something deep, but you don't always have to be deep, you can have fun and enjoy.

I guess when it comes down to it, American Idol and cute animals sort of encompass my overarching idea on life though. The way that I should live life (not that I always follow it). You need to enjoy your life, not care what other people think, break down boundaries, and experience all that you can. You should work hard and play hard, but most of all you should enjoy the life that you lead. You should enjoy the work that you do, spend time with those you love, and just have a good time.

Sure I have hard days at work, and crazy days, there are days that I want to kill customers, but for the most part I don't dread going into work (although getting up at 5:45 am I do dread!) I never dread coming home either because I have a great person to come home to, that I love very much. A person that I can talk to and I can fight with, a person who loves me back even when I am a grumpy bitch. So to a certain extent I am living a happy life, and following my idea of what I should do, and the person I should be...

This is a very different direction then I thought that this post would go in, as a matter of fact I was planning on being a total bitch to Mr. NG because... well because it would be fun to do, but instead I kind of discussed a way of life and some thoughts that are slightly "deeper" than American Idol. But I am sure that I will have additional posts on American Idol but I will also have ones that are slightly more salient.

And soon enough I will be a complete and total bitch to Mr. NG... because I have to have a post that goes in that direction.

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