A New Blog on the Roll (at least on my roll)

I added a new blog to my blogroll off to the side there. A friend of mine here in DC writes this blog, it is very different from the other blogs on the blogroll (except for maybe my celebrity gossip link.) As much as I loved and laughed at his blog the first time I looked at it I will warn you that it is not for all my readers.

Take a look and support his blog is you like... http://skylorlicio.us

For those of you who make the jump to the site, I hope you Enjoy!

ETA: OMG so I totally forgot to mention that depending on the place you work this may not be an appropriate work site! Sorry!


Skylor Matthew Werden said...

AWHH! <3

Anonymous said...

you didn't say that i shouldn't open this link at work! n @ harvard

JRH456 said...

I am so sorry that I forgot to tell you that you shouldn't open at work... I added that in. Sorry