Cute Animals

I had to go to the pet store last night to pick up a new dog cage for Annie. While I was there I saw a really cute kitten, looked exactly like a baby Val (the doctor's cat), his name was Joe. He was white with little orange spots and the cutest little face. I stared at him for a good 15 minutes but I had to walk away because more animals in this house would be a bad thing.

Last night when I went to bed I popped in Planet Earth to watch. I knew there would be something cute to keep me happy. We were watching it and the most adorable ducklings were jumping out of a tree for the first time, and they flop around and then fall and then bounce. It was so cute... I was laughing, really really adorable. And there were cute little cat like animals and the squirrels were adorable too.

So now anytime I need to see cute animals, or I walk into a pet store and see an animal I want to adopt I will walk away and watch Planet Earth and I will get my cute animal fix... at least I hope.

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