Paula Paula Paula

So many of you know I am addicted to American Idol, I love it and I just can't pull myself away. Yes I know there are a lot of things I could do to make better use of my time but when I get home from work or the gym it is enjoyable to sit down and watch some "brainless" television.

This year there is a change on American Idol... a new judge... some uppity chick whom I hate. The Doctor says I am crazy for hating her but she just seems to ruin the dynamic.

I like my Paula CRAZY, my Simon GRUMPY and my RANDY all sorts of dawg like. This woman just doesn't fit into my concept of the show. And I don't think she brings anything to AI at all. I would like for her to be gone!

Ah yes and speaking of Paula... what was that necklace she was wearing last night... did she break her bedroom mirror and not want it to go to waste so she strung it together and wore it around her neck... it was sooooo UGLY and I LOVED it because my Paula was CRAZY!

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