I Didn't Have to Get Carried Home

So I told you that I would let you know if I needed to get carried home last night, and while I did not make it home to my bed I crashed on S's couch, I walked all the way back to his house all by myself after a night out for my Birthday.

We had a great time despite some horrible service... here is where my job in retail tends to make me very particular.

We were at a bar on Boylston (begins with and L) and ordered a round of drinks for the table- I think it was about six drinks and a shot and the waitress failed to charge us for the order properly since we wanted the bill split 4 drinks on one and 2 drinks on the other. When she came over orginally the bill was $32 for all of the drinks, when she returned it was $12 for the two drinks and $18 for the other four. 12+18=30 not 32. Seems odd but whatever! We gave her a tip but i was not a full $1 per drink I normally tip because quite honestly it was not fast friendly service. When it was time for the next round of drinks my sister approaches the waitress and asks for her to come over when she gets a chance so we can order another round of drinks. Now get this, the waitresses response was "Next time if you tip me better I will get you drinks" and she walked away and was not seen again the entire night.

WHOA- WHAT THE F- Last time I checked it was the job of the waitress to serve her customers and its not like we didn't give her any money, where does she get off being so rude. I was quite furious but my sister talked me down from confronting her but it really made me quite angry. I would never tell one of my customers that I was not going to help them, no matter how rude they may be (and we weren't rude). My job is to help the people that come into my store unless they are trying to rob the store or are physically and verbally abusive to myself or one of my employees. Gimmie a break... I could be mean and mention the place I recieved this awful service but I won't, however, I will not be returning to this establishment.

So, we left this bar at 1:00 because it closed, two apparently was not early enough and went to the bar with one bathroom. No, that's not the name of the bar but seriously, it only had a single stall men's room and a single stall women's room. What is that about, I have a notoriously small bladder and after a few beers I can't hold it. Yet, I had to wait in line for this one place to go with 7 other people in front of me. What do they do when this place gets busy? I have never heard of anything like it, most places you go have at least a few stalls.

Despite all of the things I am venting about we had a really good time. Had a few drinks with friends, relaxed and enjoyed. Plus I didn't need to get carried home, even though my sister did get her heel stuck in a grate!

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