Why I Am Here

I am going to start off by apologizing for my spelling and grammar... I am a 26 year old (tomorrow) college educated male and I write much like I think... It can be all over the place and if I were you I would expect tons of run on sentences. All of my English professors would be so disappointed in me!

I am joining the world of blogging because I am going into the craziest time of the year at work and I figured I would definitely have a few stories (by the way I am a manager at a bookstore).

Believe it or not it is already one week into the Christmas season for retail and I am already tired, and this is just the beginning for me- I work everyday from Thanksgiving to Christmas and about twenty days into that I do things like fall backwards into boxes on the floor and lay there laughing at myself with customers and my employees all laughing at me. This is why I am writing this blog, because I will probably need to vent about all of my crazy customers, or my crazy employees and co-workers and all the stupid things I may do...

Who knows what will come up, and I won't just post about work even though I don't usually lead a very entertaining life (actually I am a creature of habit) but you never know...

So today was my last day of work before my birthday, and I have great employees who all wished me a Happy Birthday, got me a card and even baked for me.. I lugged an entire cake, a batch of awesome Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (my favorite) and Brownies. Have I mentioned that my employees ROCK! The only problem was I was really cranky- it was a whole combination of things including my boss who purposely drives me nuts and my annoying cold that won't go away. So I get in this afternoon because I was closing the store and I walk in and my entire second floor is a mess, I am very particular about how things are displayed on my floor, I like things neat and I want them to make sense. My boss likes to push my buttons, he has good intentions he wants me to look at things differently and think outside the box, the problem is I was cranky and he created about three hours of additional work for myself and my staff. I was furious, and called him a few choice words probably a bit too loud and I got a bit frustrated with the whole situation and may have been a bit rude to one of my employees who works very hard. I needed quite some time to cool off and go to the Cafe to get myself a Diet Pepsi (DP) which always make me feel better. I then had to return to the floor to start hanging signs and moving books that should have never been moved. This is what really drives me nuts, there are ways to push me to be better at what I do other than creating more work for my entire department. I recommend a discussion. So, after about three hours of work the floor is back to looking nice and orderly and better than yesterday. I guess he wins- but it just drives me nuts.

Anyway, I am babbling now, Thanks to all my employees and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

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