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I was talking to S today and he told me that he was disappointed that I had not posted since Wednesday, and Wednesday's post was not entertaining. So, since my blog exists solely for S's entertainment, here is the post from Wednesday that I would have posted if I had time.

Review previous post for key players!

Approximately three to four months ago I unexpectedly broke up with an ex, and since we had been practically living together for four months I had a huge amount of stuff at said exes place. On the day we broke up I packed up four bags of things that I had over at the house and loaded them into the back of my car, it felt like I was moving back into a life I knew nothing about, but I survived. However, I forgot a few things. Over the past few months we have talked and I keep saying that I need to go over an pick up some things but things were still a bit awkward (not unusual when two people break up).

Finally, on Wednesday we made plans for me to go over and grab my remaining stuff. I especially wanted a pair of jeans and I kept promising my father that I would bring season 1 of 24 on DVD home for him, forgetting that it wasn't really in my possession. On my surreal drive to Everett which I had done hundreds of times, I started thinking about things which is always a bad idea, but oh well life goes on and I have landed on my feet and so has my ex.

I arrive right on schedule and ring the bell at the house I used to let myself into all the time, nobody answered! That's odd, I said I would be here at 7. I kind of start to panic and wonder what I should do. I contemplate letting myself using my keys and just claiming my stuff, and leaving the keys on the dining room table where we never ate but we always used to play monopoly. I quickly decide that this plan could be problematic especially if somebody is in the house but didn't hear the bell. I decide to sit in my car and wait for a bit then ring the bell once again. If nobody answers I will head home and try again another night.

I sit down in my car and pull my new book out of my bag, the book starts out... "My boyfriend is standing over me with a knife. Two nights ago, after he had come home from a three-day crack binge, he decided that I could have the rest of the month to get my stuff together and move out..."* Suddenly, I realize that my relationships have not been that bad.

About ten minutes later my exes twin brother drives up, sees me and waves. We exchange pleasantness and chat for a bit and I ask him if R is home. He thinks so but isn't sure so he walks up to the house and I explain why I am there. R is there, sound asleep after a hard day at work I assume. I begin to collect my stuff. I few t-shirts, a few pairs of jeans, a couple DVD's, Season 1 of 24, a pair of pants for work I didn't realize I was missing and a couple other things. The problem, the jeans that I really wanted to wear out tonight are nowhere to be found. Damn, I really wanted those jeans especially since I was expecting to run into another ex of mine where I was going. Hmmm, I was going to have to go to plan B on what to wear.

I say goodbye to the twin, R is still sound asleep, must have been a really hard day at work, and I begin my drive home. Another surreal drive. It is funny how things change so quickly sometimes. Again, the oh well what are you going to do, at least you are still friends line pops into my head.

I move on, now my mind begins to focus on my missing jeans. Where did I put them, how do I lose a pair of jeans, its not like I wander around the city pantless. I try to think back to when the last time I wore them was. I remember things like this. I remember what I was wearing 8 years ago when I interviewed for my job at the N bookstore, I remember what blue shirt I wore to my interview at the Y bookstore, what tie I wore with my black suit at graduation, I remember what I was wearing when I met my second ex I was going to see tonight, come to think of it that green shirt is missing too. Maybe I was wearing that shirt with my missing jeans. Was I wandering around the city with no clothes on? I really don't think so!

My phone rings its J (S's roommate) we are supposed to go to S's bar tonight because the night before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest nights and it should be a great time. I am supposed to meet her at her house before 10:30 it is now almost 9:30 and I have no idea what clothes I have cleaned and what I am going to wear. I rush home, post the notes for this story and go shower and get dressed. I arrive just in time and we have a great night out.

Now, I hope that S is happy with this post, I find it especially amusing that a night out at his bar is what delayed the posting which I hope lives up to expectations!

* Excerpt from I am not myself these days by Josh Kilmer-Purcell.

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