It Has Begun

Black Friday is around the corner and the craziness has begun, all of the students leave this week for Turkey Day so they are doing some pre-Holiday shopping and things have not really stopped. Here are some things I really enjoy about the holiday season:

1) Helping customers find books and gifts they are looking for
2) Bonding with the staff, laughing and having a good time
3) Falling into boxes
4) Falling up the escalator
5) Watching all of our hard work pay off
6) When a customer smiles because we found the right book or gift for them
7) Making fun of my employees- its just fun
8) Laughing uncontrollably for no reason on day 23 of 30
9) Talking to my buddy at the local distribution center
10) Handselling
11) Crazy customers

Things that make me crazy during the Holiday season:

1) Hearing "Hey Santa" blaring out of the speakers at least 6 times a day
2) 30- 10 hour plus days
3) Running out of books that people are looking for
4) Falling into boxes
5) Falling down the escalator- hurts much more then falling up
6) Really really crazy customers
7) People who make my employees feel like they are worthless- guess what they are better people then YOU

Chances are over the next thirty days I will be venting about all of the crazy stuff that is happening in the store and all of the crazy customers and I think I am going to have to begin the "Hey Santa" tally, but when all is said and done the pros outweigh the cons. I really do love the holiday season and I think that Black Friday should be a party. It is hard work yes, but the smiles on the faces of the customers make it all worth it in the end.

Remember Books make great gifts, buy them, read them, pass them to your friends. I can make recommendations if you want some.

Happy Turkey Day
Happy Black Friday
and Happy Holidays

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