The Price We Pay

So, I was off on Friday and Saturdays and went down to New York City to celebrate my birthday with Arg and C. Since they live in NY and couldn't come up last weekend, we figured that this weekend was as good as any. It was great to see Arg and C, it has been a while since we have gotten together and we had a great time. I met Arg upstate and we went down to the city and had dinner, then we met up with C and a few of his friends for a few drinks in Midtown then we were off to a club for a good time. Now I know you are all thinking that "the price I pay" is for drinking too much, however, I am literally referring to the price we pay. When did things get so expensive?

Round 1 at this club was a Red Bull Vodka, a Corona and a Diet Coke, the price of Round 1 a whopping $30. Round 2 was a Corona, two shots of of Petron and a Diet Coke, the price of Round 2, here is a hint each shot of Petron is $12- and the total was $43. Round 3 a Long Island Ice Tea, a Diet Coke and a Corona and yes the price was $30. It all just seems excessive to me, but we pay for it! Why do we pay it?

It's not just alcohol either, when I returned to Boston I went to the gym and then ran to the supermarket to pick up a few things to get me through this short but hectic week. Now let me get the receipt out of my back pocket... Ok here is what I bought

Tortilla Shells
Yellow Cheddar Cheese
Tropicana Orange Juice
Deluxe Ham
Muenster Cheese
Sub Rolls
Friskies Chicken and Salmon
Deli Cat Cat Food
Cat Litter
Wisk Laundry Detergent
Hair Gel

13 items- Can you guess what the total was for these items?

Brace yourself because I almost fell over when I looked up from bagging these items, the total was $77.03 and this is with a $3.57 savings because of my card.

I am in retail, I should really know how much things cost but I didn't really buy that many things and I was shocked. The price of things keeps going up and somehow I am still making the same amount of money, no wonder I have no cash.

And I didn't even pay for all the rounds in New York City!

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