Random Thoughts

So Mondays are usually hectic and busy but today was very random, especially since I was very hyper and when I am hyper my mind goes in all sorts of directions. If you can follow my train of thought then I seriously recommend that you get professional help...

1) I wonder what color my pants are, I really think they are dark brown but I am not sure
2) Hey, how did that ink stain get on my shirt?
3) Oh damn, I have a blue marker line all over my wrist
4) I wonder how it is possible for the bible lady to eat at least one bible a day, I think that would give me a stomach ache (for more information about the bible lady see posts on www.kaitable.blogspot.com)
5) I really hate how that overstock looks in science fiction
6) I much prefer the way the book stacks look above science fiction
7) Hmmm, wonder if we have looked at the quantities on order for the best of 2006?
8) Damn I can't believe there are no copies of the "Dirty Minds" Game in the warehouse
9) I'm hungry
10) Its funny that I just can't get into the book I am reading, I love all of his other books
11) Oh, L, did you finish Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell?
12) Did I tell you about my Friday night and the awful service I received (see previous post)
13) I won the Us Weekly Game, I need to tell K!
14) What if we switch the positions of the Games Table and the Paperback Favorites Table?
15) Yum, the rolls are really hot today
16) I should call B and see when he starts working at Cornwalls, I miss B being my server!
17) I wonder what I should read next?
18) Hey look C is here I wonder how she is doing?
19) Why did ST ask C to come and sit with him an DS, he really didn't enjoy her company when she was working here!
20) Wow, it is almost 3:00.
21) Are my pants really dark brown?
22) What am I going to have for dinner?
23) My job would be so much easier if other did their job. This one I said out loud as my regional manager walked in the door to my office and mocked me.
24) We need to setup that Awards endcap
25) I really am addicted to television (more on this one day soon)
26) I need to call S and see how work went last night!
27) I should go to the gym, what should I do as a workout?
28) Should I eat before of after the gym?
29) Oh, Studio 60 is on tonight!!
30) Did I do the ordering today?
31) No, L did the ordering for me today
32) Wow, my thoughts really are random!
33) Why do they never have DP in the cafe?
34) We need to order some "Holiday Blue" paper to print our event listing on for November and December.

Really, I find it quite amazing that I am able to actually complete a single task in any given day, however, it seems to work. I had a very productive day today and made important changes to the floor and reviewed some important information in order to be ready for Holiday. I am heading to the gym soon and I have to be back at work at 7am tomorrow. I wonder if my thought process will be as random tomorrow and if not I wonder if I will get as much done.

35) I wonder what I will write about in my blog tomorrow!

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