I'm 26

So tonight at exactly midnight one of my best friends called me to wish me a Happy Birthday, I was actually in the bathroom when he called but when I called him back he was really excited that he was the first person to wish me a Happy Birthday on my Birthday.

This is also the same friend who is taking me out for drinks tonight with a whole big group of friends and family. This is also the same friend that I pretty much had to carry home the Sunday before Halloween because he had just a little bit to much to drink (how the boy loves his Patron). I have a feeling he might be carrying me home tonight!

I have great friends, over the past two plus years we have been through a lot of things as a group and individually. S is always there to talk, we actually talk at least once a day about some of the most random things and sometimes about really important topics, or the drama in our lives. We all miss P now that he is back in Brazil but had a great time last month in NYC and Boston. Arg is Arg, there is no way to describe that one but he has been there for me even though he is married in NY now; we still talk all the time (or email at work when we should be doing other things). I actually returned to my desk one day before P's visit from Brazil and clicked the send and recieve button on my Outlook account to recieve 88, yes 88 emails from my friends talking about all of the things we were going to do in NYC, and who was going to handle the driving because we were definately not going to use public transportation. We spent a couple nights in the city and we didn't stop the entire time and we never took public transportation!

As you get older (and I know I am not old by any stretch of the imagination) you really learn to appreciate the friends that you have and the time you get to spend with them. We all have jobs and we have all grown over the past few years but keep in touch and make sure that we are all taken care of. We learn from each other and make fun of each other non stop. But these are the people along with my family that I lean on when I need help, these are the people that you need to survive, and these are the people that drag you out for a couple drinks on your birthday!

I'll let you know if he has to drag me home tonight!

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